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Planning on “Catching Cancer”

Society Develops Some Odd Belief Patterns

I have been listening to medical professionals, the media, friends, and coworkers, and there seems to be a common belief popping up that sickness is just part of life. Sickness will eventually happen to us all, like catching a cold, or develop aa more serious illness… and that’s just life.

For me, as a natural health professional who works with clients every day to reprogram our body’s innate system, this sounds really odd to me. 

And here’s my perspective: I do not expect to be ill. Ever! I don’t believe it is necessary. I take full responsibility for my own health and do my part in exercising and eating healthy, minimizing stress and incorporating downtime and rest. Therefore, I know my body will take care of me too. 

In our society, planning is an appropriate word for business and financial purposes. “Retirement planning” has been a trendy phrase for the last few decades. We are encouraged to pursue our goals and dreams in life. But is anyone here actually planning on getting ill as they grow older? Or planning to “catch cancer” as I heard one media person put it?

Current stats are telling us that 40% of men and 30% of women will have cancer in their life time, and “That’s just the way it is.”

It’s definitely possibly that there is a genetic aspect to cancer; however, I also believe that cancer is a symptom of a body that is toxic, tired, stressed out, and/or under nutrition.

What’s Your Plan?

Do you have a plan in place that effectively addresses your risk of developing this disease?

An investment return of 40% would be amazing. A .400 batting average would make history. A 40% chance of developing a life threatening disease requires some thought. What is your plan? If you don’t have one, are you planning on getting ill?

I have heard it said; “Change comes either by choice or by crisis.”

A good referral for us is a person who does not want to be ill. Who is making a choice to live a life that is long and healthy. Give them our card, tell them to call us. There is hope.

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