“He who has health, has hope, and he who has hope has everything”
– Thomas Carlyle

Fraser Valley Natural Health Professionals


We are based in Langley and Abbotsford, and available online for world-wide clients. Under our personal guidance you will experience the natural healing that occurs when the body begins to exist in balanced and optimal conditions. Using a combination of holistic principles, expert techniques and cutting edge devices, combined with gentle and compassionate support, you will be provided with an environment where change is only natural.

You can achieve…

  • Increased energy & youthful vitality
  • Strengthened resistance to illness including colds, flu
  • Overcome fears & worries
  • Release negative thinking & behavioral patterns
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Sharpen mental focus
  • Improve sleep quality & develop balance in your life
  • Alleviate most symptoms like fatigue, headaches, aches, allergies and joint pain
  • Improved skin tone and complexion
  • And so much more…

Who we are

We have a strong desire and passion to share our experience, knowledge and education of drug-free, holistic techniques you take control of your own well being, enabling you to live a vibrant, healthy, and joy-filled life. As certified Natural Bioenergetic (NB) Professionals we are able to combine natural healthcare options specifically suited to move you towards greater health. We work with our clients in restoring physical, emotional and spiritual balance, establishing healthy patterns and assisting them to gain control over their lives.


Certified in Natural Bioenergetics

Certified in Natural Bioenergetics


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What it’s like to work with us. 

  • As I (gracefully?!) age I have noticed that my ability to handle stress has greatly diminished. So much so that I have begun to believe I have to retire from working-life in order to cope. This sounds drastic but this is how I have felt in the recent past. You may not believe that I also get really anxious and nervous when I have to speak in front of people. My nerves can et the better of me quite easily. I have heard of several fellow BNI Revolution members that have tried the services of Brian Mathews. Could it be true? Could he really teach my brain to have a different take on anxious and stressful moments? I made an appointment and off I went. It was a relaxing session and I made a few other future appointments. As you are in a session you mind can wander a bit. You need to keep an open mind to alternative medical solutions. It felt like hocus-pocus. Despite that, I had decided that it was an investment and I would just have to wait and see if I noticed any differences in my response behaviors. I am very happy to say that I have encountered a number of situations where I realized in hindsight that I did not get my-nickers-in-a-knot and just took a small breath and continued along – quite a different response! Last Wednesday night I made a short presentation in front of 75 people. I was a little shaky but overall I was really happy and not stressed. In cases like this when I was finished I would “wash-out” and not really hear anything going on around me until I had “recovered”. This night I was just fine. It was so refreshing. If you have an open mind to alternative stress solutions I whole-heartedly recommend Brian Mathews and Bioenergetic by Design. He can change your life and you can truly enjoy not being affected by the ugly parts of stressed life. Have faith and book your appointment.
    Susan - Graphic Genealogist
  • I've dealt with stress almost my entire life, even as a kid, and many times along the way I've tried to sort out the best way to cope with it and manage it in a healthy way. Although I’ve had a few successes on my own, I've never been able to fully feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel and because of this it turned into other health issues in my life. Today I'm able to say thank you to you, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with some of my stress after what seems like forever frustration. After only a few sessions I've seen a difference in coping with situations and have a general sense of ease in my everyday life. Those close to me have even noticed an improvement. Best of all I feel like you've helped me in a way that works with my personal strengths and beliefs. You’ve catered to a way that I understand and explained things I’ve never been able to answer, so much so it gets me giddy just learning more and more about the process. Lastly, I feel like I’m going to be able to take on a lot of those major goals I have in my life and achieve so much more – both personally and professionally with the tools you have given me. I would highly recommend you and your services for anyone who is struggling with stress, any health issue, allergies or just wants to be the best version of themselves possible. I look forward to continuing to see you and taking steps to becoming ultimately awesome (not just awesome).
    Stefanie - Photographer
  • When I made the decision to use the services of Brian Mathews I was involved in some very stressful work and in the midst of an even more stressful transition in my work life. This stress was manifesting itself in many ways, increased illness, reduced mental focus, fatigue and loss of sleep. Prior to making the decision to use the services of Brian Mathews I met with him to see if there was a fit. I explored with him what motivated him in his work, what tools he used, and what his vision was for his clients. I was impressed with his caring and professional demeanor. I was curious about his tools and what impact they might have on my health. I have since used his services a number of times and have seen results in lowered stress, increased energy, and reduced illness. I have seen a significant reduction in certain allergic reactions and some key stress points. I very much like the mode of treatment, it is very relaxing and requires very little from me to effect the needed outcomes. Brian as easy to be with and his confident and skillful care is comforting. I find each experience is unique and provides sometimes surprising results. I have always left knowing and feeling that the outcome was very much what I needed at the time and equipped me to have less stress and less negative elements in my life. I happily recommend Brian to those who need reduced stress and increased physical and mental resources to address their health and life needs.
    James - Conflict and Negotiation Specialist
  • As a busy full time working mother of 2 young children I have found the work/life balance to be almost impossible. I sought out Brian and Sharon as a natural way to try to find the balance I had been lacking. I have always been the type to shy away for the traditional way of medical treatments and truly believe that our bodies are able to heal themselves when they are approached in the correct way. I will be honest and say that before meeting Brian I truly had no idea what I was in for. At the beginning of our session there was a sense of uncertainty and I know this had to do with a fear of not knowing what to expect. I was immediately taken aback as my body began to explain exactly what it was that I was lacking and the steps I needed to take to improve my overall well-being. I have to say I was and am still truly amazed by the entire process. It has proven to be a crucial piece in finding harmony in my life and I will continue to use their services in the future as a way to look within and heal myself. Naturally!
    Brittany - Financial Planner
  • I have been a client of Brian Mathews since December 2015. Brian has been patient and explained what he is doing every step of the way and has ensured that I have be relaxed and comfortable each treatment. He has been able to correct energy systems within my body leaving me with more energy and enthusiasm for doing the things I would procrastinate about and the things that I love to do anyway are even more fun. He provides me with a copy of the notes from each session allowing me to review and contemplate some of the treatments that occurred in the session. He is always willing to share his knowledge about what he does and his passion and enjoyment for his work shows every time. I would not and do not hesitate to recommend his services to friends, family and my own clients.
    Susan - Tutor