take care of your heart and it will take care of you
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Healing For All Matters Of The Heart

Heartache, heart break, heart attack, heart disease…

There are problems with the traditional Healthcare system. The medical world wants you to check your cholesterol and take Statin meds for it. Then check your blood pressure and take meds for that…

Bioenergtic by Design has a different approach to heart health. When we think of heart problems, we want to know the root cause. When assessing heart issues, it often comes down to an emotional cause of heartbreak or things that weigh heavy on the heart. What is stressing your heart right now? Look at your relationships with your family, your friends, your work, and yourself… 

Ancient traditional eastern wisdom says that physical heart issues are rooted in the emotional issues with your spouse. We know that emotional stress plays a huge role in your health. Deal with the issues of your emotional heart in order to address the issues of the physical heart.

Before you grab the nearest medications for your physical heart symptoms, why not address the emotional issues first and possibly eliminate even needing meds at all.

Natural Bioenergetics is amazing at addressing your heart health issues in a respectful way that does not make you talk about the issues or rehash them. We use the meridians to retune your energy around the stresses and release that stress from memory and muscles. It’s a safe and very effective way of dealing with matters related to the heart and many other issues as well!

If you, your family or friends who are having issues with their heart. Get in touch with us today.

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