The Mind

“The power of the universe is locked in the subconscious of the mind”

Reprogram your mind...

Our minds hold the keys to our reality. If you are stuck in old patterns and sabotaged by “knee jerk” reactions that seem to come out of nowhere, then the Specialists at Bioenergetic by Design can assist you in finding freedom.

The barriers that restrict your mind can be unlocked, allowing for a higher level of mental and emotional freedom and a healthier state of being. You can gain greater ability in directing your thoughts and have the potential for living a life that is dramatically improved.

reprogram your mind

Everything we’ve seen, heard, experienced, and learned is remembered by the mind. Even long after we’ve consciously forgotten something, the mind holds that data. That stored information is set in a framework of belief systems, or operating programs, that are either reactive or proactive. The subconscious mind runs a series of preprogrammed belief systems, almost like an autopilot.

At times it can seem like our minds are playing tricks on us by holding us hostage to indecision, sabotaging our best intentions and limiting our success. This occurs when stress is locked in by negative belief system which can keep the negative cyclical thought patterns engaged. We can try to use will power to try to change, however, as soon as we are exhausted or experiencing high amounts of stress, the mind clicks back to the old programming, and we repeat cycles we don’t want.

At Bioenergetic by Design, we offer a comprehensive system designed of carefully structured protocols and corrections that identify the stressors that keep the old patterns engaged, and then gently remove the stressors and release the limiting beliefs. This enables your mind to process information without the barrier of stress, which allows you to think and react differently.

We work with our clients through the process of destressing the mind and freeing it to function at a higher level of balance and function. The old preprogrammed belief systems that have kept you locked in stress cycles are reprogrammed by the mind into a higher state of consciousness allowing you to have better control of your life.

It’s time to take control of your life.

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Our Service Areas

Our natural health services are categorized into 3 areas: The Mind, The Physical Body, and Bioresonance. All 3 work together within our beings for holistic and synergistic results. For a better understanding of what’s included in each category, click on the corresponding section below for more information. 

The body achieves what the mind believes.

Our Natural Health Specialists

Bioenergetics by Design is a family operation, run by Brian and Sharon Mathews and their daughter Sarah. Each team member has his or her own niche, including specialty areas and types of clients they help. Be sure to check out all of their profiles to see who will be the best fit for your particular circumstances and needs. 

Photo of Brian Mathews, Bioenergetic by Design

Brian Mathews

I work with my clients to “Bio-hack” the subconscious and eliminate the beliefs that stop them from achieving their potential.

Photo of Sharon Mathews, Bioenergetic by Design

Sharon Mathews

Sharon’s specializes in working with women, children, and teens. She is passionate about empowering her clients to make sustainable, long term changes and to establish and maintain optimal health

Sarah Mathews, Natural Bioenergetics Specialist

Sarah Mathews

Sarah works with individuals who are looking to make sustainable, long-term changes and improve their overall wellbeing.