Some commonly asked questions:

My memory doesn’t seem to work as well anymore. What do you suggest?

Memory loss can be a result of many different issues: trauma, toxic overload, missing vitamins and minerals, and diet, to name a few. For trauma, such as head injuries, whiplash or other types of accident, we work to correct the energy flows related to the trauma, allowing the brain to heal. Toxic overload is when the immune system is overwhelmed by toxins lodged in your cells, soft tissues and muscles. These toxins come from many sources; air, water, food, drugs & tobacco, workplace chemical, household products, cosmetics, as well as stress and negative emotions.

My child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Can you help?

Yes, we can help! As each child is unique they will receive a plan created specifically for their needs. Health Kinesiology™/Bioenergetic Physiology has a wide range of Thinking Processes and Thinking Modes, which assist to rewire the brain. Other components such as allergies to specific foods, chemicals, and electro-magnetic fields will be addressed.

Do you work with Autism?

Yes, we do. Health Kinesiology™/Bioenergetic Physiology™ provides a successful platform for this complex issue. Aspects such as allergy and diet work; detoxification of metals and chemicals, emotional work, and brain training are all part of the process.