Our Natural Anti-Aging Protocol. Is there help for acne?

Acne must be dealt with from the inside out and the outside in. From the inside out: cleansing the liver with a personalized protocol based on your body’s needs. A diet low in sugar & processed foods, with careful attention payed to wheat and dairy.
From the outside in: testing to see what products would be most beneficial for you.

Can you make scars look better?

In most cases, yes! Scars can recede. It seems the faster an injury heals the more pronounced the scarring could be. For those with recent injuries, coming in for an appointment as soon as possible allows us to work with your body, minimizing scarring while maximizing the bodies healing. Older scars are a little more stubborn, but not impossible.

What can be done for the brown spots and marks on the skin?

Our skin is affected by many factors: our age, our environment, our health, the food we eat, and more. We can recommend chemical free nutrition for the skin. Many spots fade and disappear when the skin is properly nourished and the liver is cleaned and working properly. Radiant skin starts with working on nutrition and is combined with nourishing from the outside.