New Client Instruction

Our Client Intake Form:

Please download and print out the form below,  Fill it out and bring it with you to your first appointment. If you don’t have the computer equipment to do this, please come to the appointment 15 minutes early to fill it out at the office so we can begin the appointment on time. The Client Information Form is important, as the more we know about the stresses and traumatic events in your life the better we can focus and integrate the work.

Client Information Form

The form is a fillable pdf which you can fill out on your computer and print it before coming or email it to us. If you use the email function, please ensure you open the file in Adobe Acrobat or it may not send. If you’d like a non-fillable PDF to hand write your answers please use this link

Take some time and think about your goals and desires for the session as that is what we will focus on.


Any appointment date changes or cancellations must be made 2 working days in advance of the appointment. You may change the appointments online or by calling the office (778-344-3125). Any changes requested with less than 2 days notice must by made by phone. Changes or cancellations with less than 2 working days notice may be charged a fee of 25% of the service booked.

Missed appointments will be charged at 50% of the session booked.

Last minute appointments can only be made by phone or email. The online calendar requires a minimum of 24 hours to book an appointment. Please feel free to call, text or email if you have an emergency or need a last minute appointment.

We will do our best to fit you in.

Our Family Policy:

Working together with a family:

If several members of the family have similar allergies and need the same treatment, we will arrange to work with all of them at the same time. You will only be charged one fee for the whole family. If, however, each one needs different treatments, a separate appointment will need to be booked.

What to bring to the appointment?

For Allergies & Headaches: please bring anything you suspect you are reacting to. That can be a swab from a molding window frame, a small sample of food, Household cleaning products, cosmetics, etc. Just a drop or two in a baggie is sufficient. Please be sure to label the container.

For medications, supplements, and nutritional products. Please bring all the products you are taking, as we will test them for any allergy aspects and to determine whether your body is absorbing and using them properly.

For Skin rejuvenation please remove all facial products before coming. The natural you is who we work with. If your hair is longer, bring a hair tie to keep the hair away from your face.

What about small children?

For very young children please be prepared to hold the child and participate in the treatment yourself. If possible, choose an appointment time when the child is likely to be sleepy.

For Toddlers we work the same way. Bringing books, toys and snacks will help keep them occupied during the session.

We do not provide childcare during the appointments. If the appointment is for you, any children will need someone to care for them unless they are old enough to sit and read the whole time without interrupting you. How Often Will I Need To Come?

How often will I need to come?

This will depend on what you are seeking to achieve and the state of your meridian system. During the first appointment we can work out a plan and give you a better idea of a timeline. Generally acute issues such as a broken bone, concussion, burns, severe allergic reactions will need several session close together to get thing under control. For chronic issues usually once a week or once every two weeks is optimal.